Simple Price

We welcome you with simplicity and transparency since the beginning: your holiday in Casa Montecucco has a single price, without seasonal fees or stress. The price of the B&B per adult is 50 euro per day (55 euro for single use). Only in August the price is 55 euro (60 euro for single use).

Breakfast is included in the B&B treatment and it consists of homemade desserts made by us: cookies, cakes of various kinds, pies, jams and bread. It is also possible to have an international breakfast with various cold cuts, ham, cheese, eggs, yogurt, fruit, tomatoes (all coming from our garden) and honey.

Lunch is served upon request for those who remain in the hotel to enjoy the tranquility of Casa Montecucco; the average price is 20 euros and it varies in relation to the required menu.

Dinner costs 35 euro per person. It’s a big meal, starting with an aperitif and finishing with a dessert / fruit, and if you like a certain dish, you can ask for another serving of it, the price will remain unchanged.

The use of the pools with accessories and the whirlpool is free. Further information and the Regulation.

Further information and the Regulation.