The restaurant of Casa Montecucco

Our restaurant offers all the flavours of the Tuscan Maremma. We prepare delicious and healthy dishes.

Our products are genuine and organic. Fruits and vegetables are mostly grown in our own garden or come from our neighbors’ gardens.

In spring wild beets are very good and that is why we use them to make our tortelli. The meat comes from local breedings which practice free grazing feeding. Our cuisine is light and pleasant. Find our recipes in Maremma Magazine. We are known in the area for the high quality of food.

We do not just cook, we prepare ecstatic experiences for the palate and offer them to the lucky guests of the hotel and to all those who come to visit us in order to enjoy our delicacies.

We also pay the necessary attention to those who do not like or cannot eat some types of food: celiacs, vegetarians and people with other incompatibilities.

The restaurant of Casa Montecucco is open every day for lunch and for dinner.

What do we cook? Here are some examples:


Crostini with chicken liver crostini with olive oil, tomatoes and beans, grilled vegetables (peppers, eggplant, zucchini), cold cuts (salami and ham), cheese (pecorino and parmesan), seafood salad.


Tortelli, botched pasta, pasta with ragout, tomato, vegetables, pumpkin cream, Maremma soup, acquacotta, mashed beans and chicory, pasta with zucchini, pasta or rice with fish (tuna, red snapper, mussels and clams), cacciucco, garmugia.


Italian hunter-style chicken with potatoes, roasted chicken with potatoes, wild boar with olives, lamb with mint and artichokes, peppermint meatballs, pork and fried zucchini, roast beef with vegetables, sausages with salad, rolls with spinach, fried fish with salad, roasted fish with vegetables.


With ricotta, with apples, with pears and chocolate, cheese cake, papassini, with rice. Bread and desserts are homemade.

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